Plastic Reusable Packaging for Transporting Auto Components

For years, DS Smith Plastics has been supplying returnable packaging solutions to some of the top automotive manufacturers. Their success in this industry has put DS Smith at the top of the list for returnable packaging.

The Challenge

In May of 2015,DS Smith Plastics was given an opportunity by an automotive company to design innovative returnable/reusable packaging for surface parts. The packaging had to be designed to offer safe transport of the component between sites and assembly lines to avoid damage and scratching. It was required that it be compatible with automated sites, easily handled and assist with overall logistical goals.

Our Approach

We considered the customer’s supply cycle requirements and we were able to design reusable packaging that met the demands of the fragile automotive parts.

The Results

Our solution was to utilize our laminatedcorrugated polypropylene Correx® sheets to build a secure “soft-touch” surface for safety. The design featured a lightweight build and an internal structure to limit damaging contact with parts and to keep the component in place during transportation. To ensure the highest level of protection, we chose to house our Correx® box within a metal stillage. These elements, in conjunction with the products’ reusability, fit perfectly into the company’s supply cycle requirements to increase overall logistics.