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DS Smith Plastics’ Extruded Products Provides a Professional Warehouse Solution for House of Party

House of Party offers a wide collection of decorations and fancy attire for all occasions, ages and genres: from birthday parties, baby showers and weddings, to christenings and gender reveals. With their distribution centre based in Shropshire, England, House of Party required a professional warehouse solution to improve efficiencies in picking and packing stock for distribution.

The Challenge

Plastics’ Extruded Products in Gloucester, UK, was faced with the challenge of redesigning House of Party’s warehouse solution. Their previous boxes didn’t use warehouse space effectively, looked unprofessional and caused a greater fire hazard.

Our Approach

DS Smith Plastics’ Extruded Products effectively designed a pick bin solution to suit House of Party’s specific product range and to optimise warehouse space. The flexibility of the pick bin solution offered two applications:

  1. A stackable modular solution.
  2. Pick bins placed on existing shelving that can be stacked on their existing metal racking/shelving.


DS Smith Plastics’ Extruded Products’ solution transformed the look of the warehouse from “a bunch of boxes” to a professional picking location. It improved efficiencies in picking and packing stock, while using the space effectively to increase the number of products stored at the warehouse by 300%. DS Smith’s bespoke pick bin solution is durable, lightweight, cost-effective and 100% recyclable.

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