HYPAR Kayak.png

HYPAR, a Folding Kayak made of Polypropylene Plastics

One of our customers, a passionate engineer and inventor, developed a brand new concept of a kayak. The kayak is entirely foldable and made of polypropylene material.

This new concept is patented and appears to be a promising model in the future. HYPAR was featured during the Boat Show in Düsseldorf last January and was tested by Jochen Lettmann who is a German slalom canoeist who competed in the 1990s. The HYPAR Kayak transforms from a compact light-weight box into a sleek kayak that has excellent speed and maneuverability. The kayak is perfectly streamlined with a graceful hull design to minimize drag and enhances stability. Made of AKYBOARD® material, HYPAR Kayak folds back into a compact box.  The box design and material creates a light-weight backpack which makes it easy to handle, transport and convenient to store.  

Extruded Products in Kaysersberg, FR has developed a special quality of its AKYBOARD® panel for this marine application and proves its ability to lead the way in innovation. We wish every success to HYPAR Kayak in the coming future.