Rapak® Solves BIB Post-Mix Equipment Connecting Issues

Rapak reacts to a market need and develops a BIB post-mix connector to address a swelling and leaking issue when connecting and disconnecting post-mix BIB to beverage dispensing machines.

The Challenge

Develop an efficient and universal BIB post-mix connector that solves the issue of O-ring swelling and leaking when used with diet sodas and juices.

Our Approach

Rapak developed a new generation of its previous PCSS connector. It was anticipated that the new connector will need to be universal in order to work with existing machine lines.

The Solution

Rapak introduced PCSS+, which is an ergonomic screw-on design that provides a superior thread engagement, making it the most efficient and user-friendly BIB post-mix connect and disconnect system in the market.

It eliminates swelling and leaking O-rings, reduces service calls to replace defective connectors, doesn’t cross-thread with fitments and doesn’t require much force to engage.

Most importantly, PCSS+ is compatible with any post-mix equipment connecting system in the market.