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DS Smith Plastics’ Rapak Solves an Issue with the Supply of Fresh Milk to Coffee Machines

The Challenge

One of our valuable customers struggled in finding a solution that would address contamination, spillage and sanitation issues when connecting or disconnecting milk jugs to coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. The current system was allowing air and outside contaminants to enter the milk container, leaving a negative impact on the product’s shelf life.

Our Approach

We looked in our inventory of solutions to see if we could reengineer one of our products to satisfy the customer and offer a solution to the problem. In collaboration with the client, a renowned German dairy, Rapak gave birth to the Strivo lineside connector.

The Solution 

Rapak reengineered our very successful smoothie fitment and introduced the Strivo connector to quickly and easily connect a 2L to 4L milk BIB to the equipment using a floating probe. The new solution allows neither air nor other debris to contaminate the milk being supplied.

We now offer a ½” OD Strivo line-side connector for higher viscosity products or products containing particulates and a ¼” OD Strivo line-side connector for lower viscosity products to match the interior line sizes in your equipment. Our BIB connectors can fit into both ESL and Aseptic smoothie housings. And if you need a different line-side connector OD, we can easily and inexpensively provide you a custom solution.