The Perfect Cup of Iced Tea with Rapak Urn-liners™

With summer coming, iced tea will be the beverage of choice of customers visiting Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs). According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A Inc., about 85% of the tea consumed in America is served over ice. As iced tea is one of the most popular beverages, quality is of course a leading aspect when protecting your businesses’ potential. Why is iced tea one of the most popular beverages? Iced tea has a refreshing taste and is recognized as a healthier alternative to soda.

Protecting a quality product that customers will continue to purchase is important to help increase sales and profitability of QSRs. In order to do so, many aspects need to be paid attention to as they can alter the taste of the tea, which alternatively can make it an “unfavorable beverage of choice”.

There are many factors that play a role in a perfect cup of tea. One factor is the water quality. Other factors include the chemicals from cleaning and/or bacteria build up from the lack of cleaning. In order to assure customers are receiving a quality iced tea, it is important to be sure that the dispensing urn is cleaned properly every day.

Protecting Quality & Taste

For those who have worked in fast food, you are probably familiar with the intensive process that goes into cleaning the dispensing urn. This process includes: taking apart the spigot, removing encrusted soil deposits, sanitizing and washing the urn. This process must be done thoroughly every day to prevent any bacteria build up that might happen that can affect the taste of the tea.

However, with this complicated cleaning process, it is easy for the people to skip a step or only do an “okay” job when cleaning the urn. The lack of good sanitation could affect the taste of the tea due to cross-contaminations, cleaning chemicals, and bacteria or mold build up.

There is an easier and more hygienic option!

The quality of tea is important for both customers and the restaurant. The best way to ensure that customers get fresh quality tea is by using Rapak urn liners. An urn-liner is a plastic lining that goes inside the urn with a tube that feeds through the dispenser. Rapak urn liners also have a unique dispenser that the tube runs through that does not disrupt the flow of tea and eliminates the potential for any mold build up. By using urn liners, the tea product is never in contact with the urn or spigot which helps maintain the tea’s flavor.

Urn liners takes less than a minute to install and remove (watch the installation process of the urn-liner), and is the best way to properly maintain your most profitable beverage.