DW Plastics Underlines Crate Expertise in New Market Sector

DW Plastics has expanded its customer base with a new contract to supply a bespoke plastic crate to AMP in Belgium, the country's largest newsprint distributor.

AMP was previously using normal open crates for newspaper distribution but these presented a number of issues for retailers, relating to security and ease of use, which the company wanted to overcome by upgrading to a new design.

Many newspapers now carry promotional items so the new crate needed to be secure to eliminate the risk of items going missing in transit, which had been an issue with the open crate. Enhanced security was also a key requirement for retailers who are only eligible for a refund on items which are returned intact.

There was also a problem with dispatch notes, which were often inserted randomly into any crate, requiring retailers to search through the entire delivery to find them.

DW Plastics offered the best solution with its specially developed crate for newspapers, which has been designed with a number of user-friendly features. It has a lid, is lockable and features a plastic security tag. The new crate can also be handled and stacked with one hand and incorporates an A4 size document holder in the lid, to keep dispatch notes safe and clearly visible. An innovative space saving feature allows the lids to be opened while the crates are standing next to each other and they can still be stacked when one lid is open.

DW Plastics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high pressure, injection moulded plastic crates and has particular expertise in supplying beverage crates to the brewing and soft drinks industries. This latest order marks the expansion of the company's design and manufacturing skills into a new market sector.

Crates are custom-designed and engineered to suit very specific requirements and manufactured with speed and accuracy to high quality standards.

The company's innovative design skills enable brands to use the crates as an important marketing tool as well as functional transport packaging. Techniques such as in-mould labelling produce striking designs to project brand image very effectively.

Rudi Raskin of DW Plastics said, "This is a very exciting development as it demonstrates that our expertise in crate manufacture and design can bring benefits to a wide range of market sectors."