Rapak's Bag-in-Box Fillers gets Top Wines Endorsement

Rapak Autokap™ fillers at Mission Bell are ensuring "near-zero" oxygen ingress during filling - ranging from zero to just 0.3 parts/million - delivering a longer shelf life for the wines.

Part of Constellation Wine U.S., Mission Bell in Madera, California produces leading brands including Robert Mondavi, Paul Masson, Black Box and Hardys.

The advanced Ultra-Clean filling head, which uses steam to keep the filling valve extremely clean, even during short-term downtime.

Dennis Hartman says this in-line cleaning solution was the "overwhelming decision-maker" in the selection of the Rapak filler.

"One of the biggest concerns we've had in the past with BiB was the oxygen introduced into the wine during the filling process. That's what really impacts our shelf life," explains Mr Hartman.

"With our new fillers, we have realised a near-zero oxygen pickup. That's a big plus, because it gives the product added shelf life during transportation and delivery and on the shelf."