Dual-Use Grades

DS Smith Dual Use is a twin purpose paper that provides Liner 2 performance which can also be used as a medium. Born from a drive to reduce inventory, Dual Use can be used in combination or independently, delivering consistent results.

The right product for every application

DS Smith Dual Use grades perform well during both the corrugator and conversion process, meaning they can be utilised to their full potential in both sheet feeding and conventional printing sectors. Dual Use is made from sustainable fibres and is 100% recyclable which provides an effective and efficient switch from virgin fibre products. Available in a wide range of basis weights from 85 to 145gsm, DS Smith is in a strong position to meet customer specific requirements. 

Full specifications are available here.

Case study: Seabrook’s experience with DS Smith

Seabrook is an independent business who have been making crisps in Yorkshire, England since 1945. A heritage crisp brand known for its bold flavour produced with generations of expertise. Today Seabrook is sold across the UK in over 1 in 4 UK households and continues to grow and outperform the market. 

Colours form a key part of Seabrook’s product identity and therefore require a consistent and clear packaging solution. As a result, Seabrook challenged DS Smith to produce a high quality print on a recycled liner, with a view to move from a white outer liner to utilise a cost-effective brown liner. The project team set to work quickly identifying possible papers that could be used to meet the customer requirements.

DS Smith Dual Use was selected as a potential solution: after a number of print trials at the box plants, Seabrook’s were impressed with the final proposal and the design can now be seen on supermarket shelves. This is a fantastic story which illustrates a successful collaboration between DS Smith and Seabrook, using a challenging and trusted approach.