We help our customers achieve trouble-free converting by supplying high quality, high-consistency products. We do this by investing in automated online monitoring systems and expert personnel to oversee production.

DS Smith has made significant investments in state-of-the-art automated online monitoring systems. These are overseen by expert personnel, who have accumulated vast experience in the containerboard industry.

We determine the specifications for achieving the highest converting standards. Then we monitor the fibre preparation lines and papermaking processes to catch and correct each variation. For example, uniform fibre distribution is achieved by controlling the fibre suspension concentration and the outflow from the head box.

DS Smith also provides customers with a Technical Customer Service. Our experts share their vast experience of working with our products in many different environments. Working closely with the customer, they ensure the paper is perfectly aligned with the converting machinery and application requirements.

By understanding the needs of its customers and providing consistent, high quality products, DS Smith is expanding the possibilities of packaging. We are ready to meet the challenges that arise as creative people produce increasingly more imaginative, eye-catching designs.

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