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Equipment to help to erect your packaging

Quick e-Pack

Because output rates do not always justify fully automated equipment, DS Smith Packaging Systems has designed Quick e-Pack, the semi-automatic solution to form your cardboard packaging.

Quick e-Pack is an assembly template allowing you to erect packaging effortlessly in a few seconds. Very easy to use, it only requires placing the cardboard blank on top of the Quick e-Pack and pressing the packaging to form the four sides.

Thanks to its superior flexibility, Quick e-Pack is ideal for e-retailing: it answers to the variable volumes or multi-format packaging needs. The accuracy of the device guarantees a good result with regular angles, thus safeguarding product protection whatever the blank or fluting: roll-end trays, with or without hood, etc. 

Easy to use, our solution requires no particular skills, and permits the mechanised forming of packaging with a minimum of movements.

No maintenance costs, no power or air supply requirement. Quick e-Pack is an economical solution, which will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

See the video of Quick e-Pack system:

Cobotic: the Cobot Quick e-pack

As an intermediate step in mechanization, the Cobot Quick e-pack erects the packaging and fills it with its products. By mechanizing these conditioning steps, it increases productivity and reduces musculoskeletal disorders.
Thanks to its 360 ° rotation on all axes, the Cobot is easy to integrate into a workstation.

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