Kotipizza is increasing sales with Easyad advertising

Possibly the best known pizza brand in Finland, Kotipizza has 270 pizzerias all over the country. The chain operates as a franchise and prioritises sustainability and locally sourced ingredients.

The Kotipizza chain competes for customers with other restaurants and supermarket ready meals, and so the Kotipizza in Espoo's Haukilahti felt that it was necessary to increase the visibility of the pizzeria.

The challenge

The Kotipizza in Espoo's Haukilahti is located in the retail premises together with other businesses. Although Kotipizza has had a good number of customers due to their high-quality, delicious pizzas, the pizzeria owner wanted to find new ways to promote sales.

Our solution

In order to promote sales, DS Smith suggested that Kotipizza tried locally focused Easyad outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is an easy and effective way to advertise with concrete results.

To increase sales at the pizzeria in Espoo's Haukilahti, the clearly visible Kotipizza Easyads were placed near the pizzeria along busy roads and the adverts were updated every few weeks. The advert frames were made of weather resistant materials and the actual advert was made of corrugated cardboard with a special, weather-resistant surface. The corrugated cardboard advert is also available as a three dimensional solution which can be taken out of the frame, making it even more noticeable. After use, the corrugated cardboard can be recycled like normal cardboard waste.

Since Haukilahti Kotipizza started to use Easyad advertising, their sales have increased significantly. Depending on the advert and the advertised product, the comparable sales have doubled in some cases. At its lowest, the sales have increased approximately 36%. Advertising has also helped to increase sales for other products from the pizzeria even if they were not featured.

The result

  • More sales of at least 36% since Haukilahti Kotipizza started to use Easyad advertising.
  • Easyads are an effective way of advertising locally and direct more customers to the Kotipizza pizzeria.
  • Good environmental performance as Easyads are well-suited to Kotipizza's eco-friendly philosophy as the corrugated cardboard adverts are fully recyclable.
  • Hassle-free service for Kotipizza as DS Smith provides the company with the Easyad advertising stands, the advert prints and the installation work.