Digital experience at the point of sale

Display solution of DS Smith – systematically creative

For DS Smith, changing customer requirements are both an inspiration and an incentive to keep developing at all times. As a strategic partner with cross-industry expertise, the company is convinced that taking into account the entire supply cycle has a positive effect on their customers' business.

The latest example for this is the corrugated display project for NITRO Snowboards. The display is the interface between production presentation at the point of sale and the digital experience. The combination of a classic P.O.S. display with digital content is a demanding task, both in terms of brainstorming and implementation.

Background and challenge

Snowboarding is a trendy and modern sport, which time and time again offers its growing and demanding target group new and interesting things. These are no longer just young people with bright XXL pants and baggy hoodies, but an open-minded and thrill-seeking audience. Nitro is the second largest manufacturer of snowboards in the world and has a comprehensive range of boots, clothing, textiles, bags etc. covering this fascinating sport. By buying Nitro goods, this trendy target group is not only buying a product, but also a part of the Nitro family, which very actively shares its passion for snowboards with one another. The Nitro family particularly likes to use social networks for communication, in which it exchanges its experiences, tips and photos. This is why Nitro looked for a way to approach this target group at the point of sale across media and to connect the analogue world to its digital counterpart. And so the cooperation between Nitro Snowboards Entwicklungs GmbH and DS Smith was born.

DS Smith service

In the project stages of brainstorming and implementation, Nitro were inspired by the comprehensive opportunities and expertise offered by DS Smith in the development and production of 'displays with added value'. DS Smith linked the classic P.O.S. display with a digital experience. This significantly increases the effect of the P.O.S. presentation and the digital fans of the Nitro family are inspired by the haptic experience of the presentation of Nitro products in the 'real' shops. 

Nitro used the digitally enriched display for the first time in the presentation of a new clothing collection for snowboarders in sports shops. The display includes an augmented reality application that can be experienced with a tablet PC or smartphone.  At the display, the shopper is encouraged to take part in an online competition. They can view the corresponding information on the competition via an augmented reality application.

And so, with the free Junaio app, entirely new, digital worlds open up for the shoppers. How it all works is described on the display. By looking at the display through their smartphone, suddenly they are no longer stood in front of a shelf in a shop, but in the middle of the cockpit of a helicopter circling over perfect snowboard pistes. A celebrity from the scene explains the amazed customer what to do in order to take part in the competition and make this virtual experience a reality.

The P.O.S. display by DS Smith is therefore able to create a connection between a classic sales display in a shop and the digital world of the customer for the first time and also shows that it is possible to inspire customers in the shop with digital content in this way. The new technology ensures that the shoppers share their experience with this display on their social networks, thereby attracting other digital shoppers to their stationary shop.

Using a smartphone or tablet, you can jump into the virtual world with three simple steps:

  • Download Junaio: You can find the free Junaio app on the Apple App Store and on Google Play (for Android). Or you can simply scan the QR code shown, which will lead you directly to Junaio.                                                 
  • Open Junaio and scan the picture on the Nitro display.


  • Watch video. When doing so, keep the Nitro display in view with your smartphone or tablet camera. Tip: If you change the orientation of your device, the perspective of the video also changes and you can see more of the snowy mountains beneath the helicopter.

Have fun trying it out!