A reel solution that’s environmentally and cost friendly

OT-Kumi Oy is one of the leading sealant producers in Finland with a factory in Ii. The company produces and sells specialist sealants (also known as linear gaskets) in different sizes and shapes for various industrial uses and the construction sector. Previously, the sealants were packed into boxes. This was not ideal as it meant folding the sealants which could compromise performance.

The challenge

OT-Kumi Oy needed a new way of packaging their sealants that would better meet their needs and their customers’ needs so they approached DS Smith to help design an ideal solution.

Our solution

In OT-Kumi's case, the options were to use plastic reels or reels made of corrugated cardboard. By selecting the corrugated cardboard solution, developed in cooperation with DS Smith, OT-Kumi can operate in an environmentally friendly way and be cost-effective. Each reel package can be reused several times and the packaging can be recycled to make new cardboard, which means that the waste created during the production chain is limited to the film used to wrap the sealants.The new solution helps the customer to reduce costs and risks, as there is no need to store a large number of plastic reels. OT-Kumi can order the corrugated reels as and when they are needed - sometimes receiving same-day delivery directly from DS Smith's factory. This allows OT-Kumi to manage costs more effectively as the reduction in storage leads directly to a reduction in the amount of invested capital. Additionally, the corrugated cardboard reels are significantly less expensive than the plastic reels.

The result

  • A new cost-effective, durable and recyclable corrugated cardboard reel packaging was created for OT-Kumi Oy.
  • Reduced capital expenditure as the production time of the reels is short, which means that the customer does not need to store large quantities of reels. Reduced costs as the product is cheaper than the plastic equivalent.
  • The customer can still order all their packaging locally from one source, whether reels or boxes are required, and the customer's needs are recognized and the service is tailored accordingly.
  • Increased environmental performance as the reels are fully recyclable.