DS Smith helps Norway King Crab increase sales and manage risks

A hotel for crabs, and live crab packaging from DS Smith, help Norway King Crab increase sales and manage risks .

On August 25 the Norwegian Fisheries Minister opened the Norway King Crag Hub, the first crab hotel in the country near Oslo Airport Gardemoen. At the same time Norway King Crab launched their new solution for unparalleled food chain transparency. A QR code on a tag is attached to each crab so that it can be scanned by the restaurant patron. After scanning the code brings the restaurant guest see pictures of the fisherman, the boat, read a short background story, see the size of the crab and more.


Reduce stress on crabs being transported 1800km by truck from where they are caught to Oslo Airport where they are shipped all over the world. The high levels of stress in the long trip lead to poorer quality of crab.

Our Approach

Break up the trip into two different journeys. The first leg of the journey is the land route to Oslo. The crabs are transported in bulk in large corrugated board containers made out of our strongest and most durable corrugated board with wet strength kraftliner paper in order to resist moisture. The packaging is strong enough to be stacked two high in the truck to ensure logistics remain efficient. Here the crabs can rest and recover in the crab hotel and are kept on stand-by for orders from all over the globe. Once the orders arrive the king crabs are packed in our unique and multiple award winning DryPack packaging, which is completely leakproof. DryPack has gone thru extensive testing in order to be certified for air freight and will ensure the crabs arrive at their destination in peak condition.


  • The right packaging for each step of the supply chain balancing cost, efficiency and protection of a high value and fragile product.
  • Improved quality of the product ensuring happier customers and more sales.
  • Reduced delivery times also leads to happier customers and a better product.