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Tracking-Pack: Peace of mind by tracking your packaging

You spent millions of euro and years developing your product, refining the marketing, developing relationships with logistics firms, distributors and retailers – after all that investment doesn’t it make sense to ensure you know where your product is at all times?

Tracking Pack, developed by Tecnicarton, DS Smith’s multi-material industrial packaging experts, allows you to track your packaging, full or empty, from the convenience of your phone or computer.

The technology offers you a wealth of information for rationalising your supply chain, product distribution, storage facilities and more. Using GPS technology you can see where your containers are stored, how long they have been there, and even how many there are.

 Tracking Pack is ideally suited for solving the vexing issues around returnable packaging. Currently it is almost impossible to trace and track returnable packaging throughout the supply chain, as they constantly move between warehouses, internal customers, logistics platforms, internal suppliers ... and in many cases, the result is that they get lost somewhere along the way. With Tracking Pack managers can now answer the fundamental questions to an effective supply chain: Where are my containers? How many do I have available at every point? This helps dodge pinch-points that can disrupt product availability and avoid unnecessary packaging purchases.

Our ICT experts spent a year developing the new software to help logistics managers answer those key questions. Since then they’ve continued to improve and evolve the app which allows you to monitor all of your containers with a coded radio frequency through small labels, locate the containers through mobile GPS, and transmit all readings to a common database to which each user can access in real time via the web.

 This tool is an innovative solution for the logistics sector by allowing them to track down any unreturned or lost containers from around the planet. It’s also a perfect example of the kind of innovation that we are known for. For the time being Tracking Pack is only available in Spain and Portugal.