Beyond the Product

Innovative Drinks Packaging for Retail Impact Webinar

Discover the Future of Retail Success

Welcome to our exclusive webinar on-demand:

"Beyond the Product: Innovative Drinks Packaging for Retail Impact."

  • Explore corrugated paper packaging solutions that go beyond the ordinary.
  • Learn how to captivate consumers and drive sales with innovative drinks packaging.
  • Understand the journey from concept to consumer and its impact on retail success.
  • Gain insights from industry experts and pioneers in the field of drinks packaging.



Why choose DS Smith as a Packiging Partner?

  • With Now & Next Sustainability Strategy DS Smith leads the transition to a low carbon, circular economy ahead of others, which has a positive impact on costs, product protection and  supply chain efficiency.

  • DS Smith as packaging partner with many years of experience understands well business needs and is strongly focused on join cooperation to deliver supply cycle optimized packaging to moderate your cost

  • Innovating, reliable, secure, tailored-made solutions is what we do, we are leading the way in high-performing packaging

  • Our extensive DS Smith expertise reinforced by external experts and a network of suppliers backed by countless awards in the packaging industry allows us to provide a full service according to your needs