Heavy Duty

Corrugated containers for the storage and transport of heavy products or equipment.

Our Heavy Duty, sustainable packaging solutions are the perfect way to protect, maintain and transport your valuable heavy products and equipment globally. All our solutions are easy to use and can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Case study - Jaguar Land Rover

Our space and time saving innovation

Jaguar Land Rover required a new design of packaging for individual parts and bulk shipment of front bumpers worldwide. A key requirement of the new design was to achieve maximum container utilisation possible with an easy to assemble pack.


Our bulk bumper shipper solution is constructed from one piece of Heavy Duty corrugated board which has been designed to elevate and protect vulnerable areas of the product and follow the contours of the bumper which enable each pack to be nested and secured together with clever locking tabs that negate the need for any stitching or taping. 

As well as having better ergonomic performance for dealers, the main benefits of this solution were:

  • 125% more bumpers shipped per vehicle than the previous version (90 vs 40)
  • 38% more bumpers per shipping container than the previous version (50 vs 38)
  • Almost 100% warehouse storage efficiency increase (8.89 bumpers/m2 vs 4.7 bumpers/m2)