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Visiting a DS Smith Impact Centre helps you and your colleagues make strategic packaging decisions and achieve your goals.

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Case Study

Redefining packaging for a changing world



Since the DS Smith Impact Centre in Fordham opened in 2016, the Britvic team have been welcomed through the sliding doors for over 7 different collaborative sessions - continuing virtually during the pandemic to maintain our true partnership.

The flexibility of the space has enabled a full range of visits to support the Britvic team. From high level senior management sessions to review and refresh our partnership, to technically driven sustainability and e-commerce focussed workshops with packaging technologists and sustainability managers. DS Smith even hosted Britvic at the Impact Centre for a biodiversity volunteering day, which was a true demonstration of aligned values.

Our valued partnership with DS Smith is truly collaborative. The DS Smith impact centre is impressive and enables the exploration of new ideas on how packaging can help to achieve Britvic’s strategic and sustainable objectives. The impact centre has the capacity to make the most of multifunctional collaboration and has supported one of Britvic’s five core values – Stronger Together – on many occasions.

- Victoria Priscott, Senior Category Manager - Packaging, Britvic

For Britvic, we always bring in our best resources! Whether that’s a supply chain or automation expert, or a sustainability or display specialist, it’s important to invest to get all the right people in the room on the day so we can properly collaborate. Our state-of-the-art facility in Fordham is designed to inspire, engage and help our customers take the next step in a PackRight or design project.

- Lydia Butler, Regional Customer Engagement Manager