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Increasing sales by up to 20%

The SalesFront pack incorporates a specially engineered band into a retail-ready corrugated pack (RRP), which smoothly moves the contents forward as each item is sold.

Research from IGD reveals 37% of your customers will buy an alternative brand if they can’t easily see their chosen product on shelf. Similarly, retail trials show presenting your product continuously at the front of the shelf can increase sales by up to 20%, with an average increase of 6-8%. Our innovative SalesFront pack is the answer. By incorporating a specially engineered band into our corrugated RRP it automatically moves products forward as each item is sold. It’s the perfect way to strengthen the connection between your products and your customers.

Key benefits

  • Improve shopper experience
  • Increase sales and product visibility
  • No need for on-shelf equipment
  • Saves the time currently used to manually pull product forward
  • Easily modified to different products and sizes of pack
  • Food safe
  • Fully recyclable