Packaging that helps you manage your risks

In this rapidly changing world, companies are looking for ways to manage risk, adapt to the future and use materials wisely. The right packaging supplier makes a big difference. In protecting your business, your performance, regulatory compliance and sustainable business operations.

Packaging can mean as much to your reputation as the quality of the product it protects.
Packaging can mean as much to your reputation as the quality of the product it protects.

Protect Your Product with Optimized Packaging

We prioritise the protection of your product and brand. Using cutting-edge design tools and production techniques, we strive to find the perfect balance between risk and costs. Our comprehensive approach considers the function of packaging throughout your entire supply chain, from material delivery to recycling. Rest assured that our packaging solutions will effectively safeguard your product, prevent damage, and facilitate efficient transport.

Safeguard Your Brand with the Right Packaging

Choosing the right packaging and materials goes beyond ensuring safe transportation from point A to point B. It also plays a crucial role in preventing machine downtime, minimizing claims, preserving your brand image, and avoiding loss of revenue. Our packaging solutions are designed with ergonomics in mind, guaranteeing optimal machine processing while meeting food safety regulations and other legal requirements. With our expertise, your brand and company will remain protected at all times.

Choose a reliable supplier

As a FTSE100 listed multinational, you know where you stand. We are transparent about our performance such as On-time-In-full delivery (OTIF), Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) and our financial stability.

Our working methods are guaranteed in strict policies,  varying from sustainability policies such as fiber sourcing, energy efficiency and water management, to governance policies in the field of anti-bribery, anti-slavery and Human rights.

  • Our safety performance is among the very best in the industry
  • Our innovative design tools help to predict load capacity and stackability 
  • If desired, your packaging can be subjected to intensive packaging tests such as transport tests, drop tests, shock tests or DISCS testing

As a partner to our customers, we investigate the impact that wider macro-economic changes have on their business, in supply chains, sales channels, in-store or online, retail formats or the requirements of their customers.

In fact, our latest survey revealed that 52% of respondents say 'environmental compliance' is the most important topic for packaging to solve

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Fulfilling Packaging’s Potential


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