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Case study

New transport solution for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover

Our customer Jaguar Land Rover required a new packaging design for bulk shipment of front bumpers worldwide. A key requirement of the new design was to achieve maximum container utilisation possible with an easy to assemble pack.

Our solution

We have developed a "Bumper Outer Shipper" solution which will be used for packing individual vehicle parts worldwide. The benefits include:

  • 125% more bumpers shipped per delivery vehicle than the previous version (90 vs 40)
  • 32% more bumpers per shipping container than the previous version (50 vs 38)
  • Almost 100% warehouse storage efficiency increase (8.89 bumpers/m2 vs 4.7 bumpers/m2)
  • Assembly time savings, from one-piece self-locking primary pack design
  • Faster and easier unpacking for dealers

*Benefits are calculated based on 5 bumpers per pack, figures may vary for other sizes.