Kit Packaging

Foldable pallet boxes that save up to 90% warehouse and shipping space

Case study

Kit packaging for high-value exports

Our medical laboratory customer was looking for a high-performance packaging solution for exporting high value-added products by shipping container. The objective was to replace the existing heavy and difficult to assemble plastic container with an easier to use and more cost-effective solution.

Our approach: Create an easy to use design made from cheaper materials

We recommended replacing the current expensive plastic packaging with a more cost-effective design made from wood and corrugated board. These materials delivered the required strength and durability, but at a far lower price. Our designers also ensured the new wood and board kit was easy to assemble.


Results: Faster to assemble, more cost effective packaging

  • 1140x1140 export format to optimise transport in shipping container
  • Assembly time reduced by a third, to just 5 seconds
  • Cheaper solution, saving €240,000 over a year