Stand out in-store with our innovative, sustainable POS solutions

In the complex, fast-moving world of retail, you need to make an immediate impact.

In the bustling retail landscape, where countless messages vie for attention, our approach combines design excellence and supply chain expertise.We create eye-catching Point of Sale (POS) displays that ensure your products are stocked, visible, and swiftly sold. Our scalable solutions are optimised for your supply chain, maximising ROI while minimizing total cost of ownership

DS Smith POS one source display service process flow
Our one source display service means we can meet all your POS needs in one place.

Our in-house teams strategically plan your Point of Sale (POS) campaign using the latest market insights and shopper trends. We work with you during the design phase to develop and engineer your new POS idea.

Once approved, we produce a prototype to test materials, design, load-bearing, and logistics. After testing, your POS idea is produced, printed, and fulfillment aspects are taken into account.

We deliver your POS campaign directly to stores or via your distribution centres, ensuring unused materials are recycled to reduce waste. Finally, we analyse any reports you send us on our POS solutions to improve our service and provide you with new shopper insights.

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Additionally, we provide monthly Retail Round Ups to our display customers. These reports capture a glimpse of the current in-store environment, focusing on POS and brand activations across the UK.