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Case Study

Well Water's sustainable wrap around removes problem plastics

Aqueduct – Well Water Ltd, who supply water and unique first-generation water coolers to its customers, were seeking the right partner to design a long-term packaging solution that aligned with their sustainability ambitions. 

By using a fibre based OTOR design, we were able to create a more visually attractive and reduced plastic product. The use of BPA free packaging represents a move away from BPA (BisPhenol A) hardened plastic bottles. This eliminates the rising health concerns associated with same.  The cooler cannot contaminate the water so what is packed is what you drink.  Hence the tagline “Purity by design”.

Well Water has invested in our OTOR line of packing machinery to ensure that optimum levels of materials are used, and any unnecessary material eliminated. The machinery also uses virgin board grade which supports the re-use of fibres.

One of Well Water’s current customers estimates that their switch from single use plastic bottles to Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water in a Box, coupled with a smart reusable aluminium 500 ml bottle, will remove 680,000 of small plastic bottles per annum from just one depot in a large multi-depot supply chain.  One other company has removed 1.37 million small pack plastic bottles between November 2021 and April 2022 alone with further significant volumes expected.

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