Dedicated packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical

We know how intricate and demanding the pharmaceutical and medical markets can be. That's why our packaging solutions prioritize safety, sustainability, and top-notch quality. Rest assured, our products fully meet the stringent quality standards, making them your reliable choice.

Why Choose Our Packaging Solutions?

  • In-Depth Knowledge: You can count on our extensive understanding of the complexities and challenges within the pharmaceutical and medical markets.
  • Safety First: Experience packaging solutions that prioritize your safety, ensuring your pharmaceutical and medical products are impeccably protected.
  • Sustainability at the Core: We offer sustainable packaging solutions that align with your commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • High-Quality Standards: Enjoy peace of mind as our packaging solutions surpass even the most stringent quality requirements, guaranteeing the delivery of excellence.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the world of regulations can be daunting, but we have you covered. We guarantee full compliance with the strict quality regulations and industry standards of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Partner with us today and unlock a seamless journey through the pharmaceutical and medical markets, where safety, sustainability, quality, and compliance converge to propel your success forward.


Case study

Replacing plastic to protect a medical device


Our customer, a global medical device company, wanted to replace their existing packaging for their fragile, high value equipment because it contained a plastic insert. However, the insert provided crucial protection during transit and any sustainable alternative needed to also comply with ISTA tests.


Results :

Our experts created a mono-material, corrugated solution for the box, the foldable insert and the transport box. It’s optimised for palletisation and can also be double-stacked. It offers to cut shipping costs and CO2e. The proposed packaging offers remarkable CO2 reduction compared with the previous solution.

Our approach

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