Dedicated packaging solutions for industrial electronics

Step into a new era of packaging, specially crafted for the ever-evolving electronics sector. We get the unique challenges you face and the urgency to adopt eco-friendly practices. Our mission is to provide a wide range of creative packaging solutions. They do more than just protect your products; they also save you money and reduce your environmental impact all along the supply chain.

Why Choose Our Packaging Solutions?

  • Tailored Expertise: Created by specialists who truly understand the electronics industry.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Packaging designed to save you money and improve your financial bottom line.
  • Eco-Friendly: We're committed to environmentally friendly practices that reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Global Reach: Our expertise and innovative solutions are accessible worldwide.
  • Proven Innovation: We have a track record of developing effective, cutting-edge packaging solutions.


Expert Help for Every Packaging Challenge

We've teamed up with various manufacturers, gaining deep insights into the diverse needs and obstacles in the electronics industry. All this collective knowledge comes together at our Global Electronics Centre, where our experts work passionately to create packaging solutions. These solutions don't just use fewer materials; they significantly cut your overall ownership costs while being kind to the environment.

We deliver packaging solutions that help you improve your efficiency, boost your performance and ensure consistency across your whole supply chain; enhancing customer experience and supporting your sustainability ambitions at the same time.

We’re your sustainable packaging partner

From large-scale packaging to technical grade wedging, our 100% cardboard and composite solutions ensure optimal protection of your products. Whether your shipping heavy-duty speaker packs or fragile technical instruments, our packaging solutions can give you a competitive advantage.

Business case

How our packaging for 34Kg radio tuned into our customer needs

Our customer needed a packaging solution for their 34kg radio. The requirements were complex:

  • Make the radio easy to access
  • Comply with both ASTM and NEBS testing requirements
  • Be customisable at the customer’s logistics centres before shipping
  • Optimise according to EUR pallet size.

Solution and benefits

Our solution comprised a top and bottom EPE fitment design, surrounded by a corrugated sleeve, bottom tray and top lid. The design made it easy for the customer to remove the sleeve and the top fitment to get access to the product for customisation. It’s also completely compliant and optimised for warehousing and sea container shipment.