Raise a glass to toast the best in class Cognac and Packaging!

With over 150 years of excellence Hardy Cognac has a history to celebrate and just the right product for celebration. But you cannot enjoy Cognac without just the right glass, so when Cognac Hardy approached DS Smith to create a unique packaging that included both a bottle and a glass we relished the opportunity.


Develop an original gift box including the bottle and a glass that celebrated the brand and proudly displayed the company emblem.

Our Approach

The packaging created by DS Smith was designed to meet every criteria laid out by the client. Firstly, we used high-quality materials and extremely precise cutting to ensure that the emblem featured prominently on three sides of the packaging in a way that really stood out from the crowd. Then we included an ingenious “box-in-box” system to ensure the glass compartment could be quickly assembled for speedy dispatch and was securely held and easily visible. Finally, we developed a specific anti-rotation wedge to ensure the bottle label is always visible. In this way customers know they are in for a truly unique experience.


  • Increased sales due to the unique and appealing presentation
  • Strong branding with a premium feel thanks to the impressive cutting out of the Hardy emblem
  • Excellent logistics performance with the easily assembled “box-in-box” approach with an overall shape optimised for easy consolidation and distribution
  • A prestigious ‘Oscar d’Emballage’ (Packaging Oscar) presented at the 60th anniversary awards in the Elysées Biarritz in Paris in November 2015.