Eurial Restauration swaps plastic for cardboard

Eurial Restauration put plastic packaging in deep freeze in favour of better performing and more environmentally responsible cardboard.

In the competitive field of individually quick frozen products within the restaurant and catering sector every possible advantage is vital. Eurial Restauration (Soignon, Maestrella and Ligueil brands) found a number of reasons why they were better off with cardboard rather than plastic packaging.


Improve upon the branding, logistics performance and customer ease-of-use by replacing the existing plastic packaging used on the cooperative’s goat and cow’s milk cheese products with a cardboard alternative.

Our Approach

DS Smith has implemented all its expertise in designing packaging suitable for contact with food, in order to present a solution that combines practicality with ecological and economic performance. We replaced plastic trays with microfluted cardboard packaging  that are blank on the contact side and safe for contact with food.


  • Improved customer satisfaction  thanks to easier opening and closing and improved grip.
  • Improved logistics with better stackability and package integrity thanks to the gluing of the flaps
  • Lower costs thanks to greater resistance to vertical compression and a reduction in breakages,
  • Better branding with more space for printing of a higher quality.
  • Improved environmental performance with a renewable source materials, inclusion of 5 to 10% of recycled fibres in the external layers, use of water-based inks, a reduction in waste volumes and fully recyclable.