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Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Our Retail and Shelf Ready Packaging has become part of the daily shopping experience across a huge range of products in the retail environments.

Increasingly shoppers interact with Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), as it is also known, every time they buy.

DS Smith is a multiple award winning supplier of Retail and Shelf Ready Packaging.

Today’s marketers see a big opportunity, to integrate Retail Ready Packaging design into the promotional mix, to generate sales, in store, at the point of purchase.  We collaborate with marketers more and more, to help achieve results with shoppers, whether in brand positioning, visual disruption in the category or in making promotions succeed.

Retail Ready Packaging can enhance profitability in your supply chain, delivering lower costs, increased product availability and efficient replenishment, as well as supporting the right look and feel for the product or brand.

So, with Retail Ready Packaging, you can drive sales and make consumer goods move faster.

stages of retail and shelf ready packagingIn store, typical results from good Retail Ready Packaging design include:

  • More stock and more range on shelf
  • Faster replenishment in store
  • Better availability
  • Brand and promotional communication
  • Successful launches
  • Good merchandising
  • Product visibility and easy navigation for shoppers

In the supply chain, good Retail Ready Packaging can generate savings in cash and carbon:

  • More product per pallet despatched and fewer pallet movements
  • Fewer delivery vehicles on the road
  • Less warehousing for empty packs and goods awaiting despatch
  • No extra collation packs inside trays
  • Efficient packing operations, whether automated or not

A visit to our Impact Centre could help you achieve your objectives on:

  • sales growth;
  • brand presentation and consistency;
  • lower costs in packing, warehousing and distribution;
  • optimum environmental performance;

The Impact Centre offers retail and supply cycle environments, where best practice across categories can be accessed and where stimulating practical problem solving is the order of the day.