Retention Film

The rapid growth of online retailing generates new demands for packaging and new challenges, as our customers come to grips with rapidly changing dynamics in their supply chains.

To help promote and protect irregular shaped products, as well as multiple items within the e-commerce supply cycle, we’ve developed Retention Film, an easy to assemble e-commerce pack.  Retention Film helps to:

  • Enhance shopper experience – the shopper opens a postal pack to find the product beautifully presented in a crystal clear, stretchable film
  • Underpin brand positioning – exactly the right look and feel, generated via the right material and printing techniques
  • Eliminate void fill, reducing environmental impact
  • Make packaging frustration-free; a ripper tape provides easy opening and eliminates the possibility of damage when opening
  • Deliver a convenient  returns system, using the same e-commerce pack, re-sealed, without damage or compromise