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Read this summary to learn the key the findings of our e-commerce survey. Discover how to ensure your e-packaging resonates with your online consumers. Learn more about the three consumer needs which ensure your e-shoppers have a positive brand experience.

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What do e-shoppers really think of your e-commerce packaging?

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Do you run an e-commerce business? Then you should know that your customers will turn away from excess packaging, unnecessary plastic, packaging that is not recyclable or packaging that does not sufficiently protect a product. This is according to a survey we conducted among consumers in the UK.

Key findings:

  • Over half (57%) of online shoppers have shared a review of the packaging they received from online orders, rising to over three in four (78%) younger shoppers.
  • We found that 31% of UK online shoppers who have received damaged packaging from online deliveries say they shopped less often online from that retailer as a result.