What is Innovation?

Innovation can help you adapt in the marketplace, be a catalyst for growth and set you aside from your competitors.

For many, innovation means new ideas, but at DS Smith ideas are just the start. The word ‘innovation’ is frequently used by businesses to express forward thinking and creativity but it’s important to consider what this really means for our customers.

Research has shown effective innovation improves business performance and productivity; this inevitably means better results for customers.

People frequently confuse ideas with innovation and successful innovation with ‘lucky breaks’. At DS Smith we believe it is only when these ideas are developed to deliver real value that they become truly innovative.

To inspire the best innovations we believe in asking many questions.  So, why do we always ask why?

We ask questions to truly understand our customers business and their supply chain better.  This often results in identifying opportunities in one or many touch points of a customer’s business process.

As early adopters of new technology and new ways of thinking, we take pride in developing a steady stream of innovations, working collaboratively with customers within our network of Impact Centres and PackRight Centres.  We work with you to deliver innovative and creative solutions to deliver more sales, reduced cost whilst managing business risk.