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DS Smith launches Social Distancing Solutions to support a safe transition out of lockdown

The cardboard-based barrier solutions will support safe social distancing as countries start to open again after weeks under lockdown

London, 27, May 2020:  Over the past few weeks, DS Smith, the leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, has worked relentlessly to provide critical support during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure essential goods reach their destinations safely. As more countries look to ease lockdown measures and get back to a new normal, the focus has quickly turned to how to do so safely and best prevent spread of the virus.

To help with this, DS Smith has developed sustainable cardboard separators that enable social distancing across a variety of sectors and environments, including industrial environments, offices, waiting rooms, retail outlets, schools, restaurants and public spaces.

The company’s creative design team of 700 experts worked together to address this emerging widespread need and have produced innovative solutions that meet flexibility and safety demands. The barriers are self-supporting, quick and simple to assemble and can be replaced on a frequent basis, reducing possible cross contamination risks. They feature flexible designs that can be adapted for different customer needs and can also feature logos and key messages.

James Lomax, UK Sales Director at DS Smith said: “As society moves to enhanced social mobility following the easing of lockdown measures, we’ve been working closely with customers and local partners to produce social distancing solutions that provide safety and peace of mind in a wide range of environments.

“Whether these are separators to create a safe working space or screens to allow consumers to pack their food without being too close to fellow shoppers in the stores – we are pleased to be using our expertise to deliver solutions that help society move out of lockdown. These products are constructed from high performance materials which are 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

“I’m extremely proud of the whole team at DS Smith; they continue to engage with our partners, customers and each other at this difficult time, applying learnings and developing innovations at fast pace to best facilitate a life after Covid-19.”

Organisations that want to know more about the dividers and other ways that DS Smith can support them, can find out more here: https://www.dssmith.com/uk/packaging/offering/products/social-distancing-solutions