Reducing waste and pollution

Reducing waste and pollution through circular solutions.

We use our design principles and innovation teams to create packaging solutions that shorten and simplify supply chains. We want to ensure that packaging is not just a good example, but is leading the way to making the circular economy possible at scale.


By 2025 we will take 1 billion pieces of problem plastics off supermarket shelves. 


  • Continue to advance our plastic replacement strategy, targeting key categories and customers
  • Identify Top 10 hard to recycle items and find solutions
  • Optimise transport by developing solutions to remove wasted air in transit


By 2030 we will use packaging and recycling to replace problem plastics, reduce customer carbon and eliminate consumer packaging waste


  • We will create new business models for the rise in e-commerce waste
  • We will explore new materials
  • We will offer carbon-neutral packaging

CASE STUDY - Working together with Well Water to reduce problem plastics

Aqueduct – Well Water Ltd, who supply water and unique first-generation water coolers to its customers, were seeking the right partner to design a long-term packaging solution that aligned with their sustainability ambitions. 

In their effort to eliminate plastics from their products, Well Water and DS Smith created a new bag-in-box solution which is both environmentally friendly and efficient. They found the traditional plastic water cooler bottle model to be flawed, with hundreds of “water miles” needed to be made before profits are achieved. DS Smith’s packaging solution removes the need for plastic returnable bottles, achieving a greater than 60% reduction in truck movement and associated carbon emissions.




Putting sustainability at the heart

We can make, use, collect and recycle cardboard packaging within 14 days. We are ambitious in using innovation to tackle some of the world’s most complex sustainability challenges.

Innovating together

We tackle big challenges in the whole and not just one part to find answers that would otherwise be out of reach. From design to production and supply to recycling we offer our customers a joined-up solution that is sustainable for all.