Case Study

McVities Biscuits


McVities is one of the Nations favourite sweet treat brands. In 2020 they extended their range with the launch of their V.I.Bs (Very Important Biscuits) in the ‘Everyday treats’ category.

The new range was designed to appeal to younger shopper’s desire for new and exciting treat experiences. The range offered flavours designed to elevate the product above their core digestive.

Pladis who own the McVitie’s brand asked DS Smith to help launch their biscuit with ‘red-carpet’ treatment! A challenge we were happy to take and for which we took a store back approach, ensuring any walk in POS would be implemented efficiently.

The limo concept for ASDA was cited as a perfect ‘vehicle’ for bringing VIB’s in style to store.

According to Pladis, this display solution generated a +130% increase in sales and helped McVitie’s increase their market sale of Asda biscuit sales by +1.1%.  

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VIB display unit in Asda worked very very well! We saw incremental uplift in ROS from every type of display, with the uplift greatest with the largest displays (as you would expect!)

- Tom Purdy, Pladis Business Account Manager, Asda