An efficient and eco-friendly way to handle your e-commerce returns


Product Features


Seamless Returns

Our product features a convenient return strip that lets you reuse the original packaging and save on extra materials when you send back items.

Industry Leading

Our product is the result of a creative collaboration among our designers for a smart solution that delivers great value. The cutting-edge design uses only one glue strip for both deliveries and eliminates the single use plastic tear strip completely.

Enhanced Sustainability

Our product meets the high standards of sustainability that consumers demand. It lets you return items without any extra materials. It also minimizes the use of non-recyclable parts and separates them clearly, so you can recycle them effortlessly at home.

Improved Functionality

Our product achieves more with less – it uses minimal silicon backing paper and avoids single use plastics. Our ingenious solution cuts down on waste. It also simplifies the return process for suppliers and prevents any damage to the stock when returned.

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