An eye-catching POS display for Maggi

Maggi turned to DS Smith when it needed an eye-catching and creative packaging solution that would help promote its innovative Papyrus® cooking papers product.

The Papyrus® cooking papers are a real innovation in the culinary world as they enable the frying of meat without any grease. The meat is wrapped in the cooking paper and then placed in the pan, leading to a juicy and flavoursome meal without the addition of any oil.

We designed an elegantly rolling point of sale (POS) display that enabled the optimum presentation of the product on four levels whilst at the same time ensuring maximum stability. Consisting of just a small number of different parts, the unit can be quickly and easily put together and, as the products can be easily accessed from three sides and is quick to refill, the opportunity to sell as many products as possible was maximised.

The elegant rolling design was visible from distance to draw in shoppers, and the large surface area of the unit included product information and guidance of how to use the papers.