DS Smith and WD-40 drive sustainability with a 100% recyclable packaging solution

The collaboration led to the removal of 586,208 individual pieces of plastic from the waste-stream

London, UK; December 8th, 2020: WD-40, the iconic multi-use product used in households and by trade professionals across the globe, and DS Smith, the leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, have worked together to deliver a 100% recyclable solution that perfectly fits both companies’ sustainability agendas.

WD-40 needed a sustainable solution to replace individual euro-tag collars, applied with great difficulty to each can and then clipped onto the clip-strip. The final result was a one-piece hand-erect dispenser pack, produced in a white E flute. This clever construction provides individual shelves for the dispensing of spray cans, and is easy to erect and fill, providing a safe and secure compartment for each can.

The new solution created by DS Smith eradicated the difficult manual process of applying plastic euro-tags to each can, resulting in a considerable saving on labour. The product replaced 73,276 clip strips, 73,276 shelf hooks & 439,656 euro tags each year. In addition, it achieved a 22% uplift in outbound pallet utilisation which had a positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Lucy Johnson, Brand Development Manager at WD-40, commented “We’re excited to see this new solution displayed in major retailers’ across the country. We are constantly working to re-evaluate how we can reduce non-recyclable packaging while continuing to meet resource efficiency and improving our customers' experience in shopping our product.”

The solution was designed with consumer and retail employees in mind. The WD-40 logo is immediately noticeable when navigating the aisle and the pack’s slick and slim design works in harmony with the can, grabbing the attention of the shopper and adding real brand value.

Matthew Hall, Senior Business Development Manager at DS Smith, commented “We are thrilled to be able to work with WD-40 and support them in their goal to eliminate single-use plastics in the supply chain. This is a great example of how a sustainable solution can also enhance branding through innovative design & print”.

By applying its circular design principles, DS Smith delivers sustainable solutions using 100% chain of custody approved materials, optimizing fibre usage. By working with the sustainable packaging leader, WD-40 has not only boosted its sustainability credentials, but the innovative structure of the new product has given it the opportunity to be disruptive and stand out in store.