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Is packaging the last thing you think about when selling a product online? Then you’re doing it wrong.

In e-commerce, poor packaging means poor customer service. Worse: packaging that isn’t up to standard means losing customers.

Why poor packaging is bad for business and how to avoid it

Ineffective packaging is bad for your business. The good news is that it’s easy to improve. It’s all about planning ahead and choosing the right approach.

In our whitepaper, we’ll show you four easy steps to lift your packaging strategy to the next level.

3 packaging need-to-knows

1. Poor packaging kills repeat business

More than a quarter (26%) of UK shoppers wouldn’t order again from a retailer who sent them a poorly packaged product.

2. Sustainability is the way to go

The demand for sustainable goods is particularly high in younger generations, where almost three in four don’t mind paying extra for sustainable goods.

3. Excess packaging is frowned upon

On average 55% of each box is empty in e-commerce, while some 39% of shoppers who have bought something online are concerned by excess packaging.

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