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45% of all UK households now own a pet and this figure is likely to increase.

In such a crowded marketplace, it has never been more important to stand out.

Packaging in all its forms is an untapped marketing opportunity for the pet care sector, with lots of exciting ways to attract and retain shoppers.

Making the most of a blank canvas

Packaging offers a blank canvas to communicate your brand identity, provide pet owners with useful nutritional information and to promote your sustainability credentials.

Developing packaging for the pet care industry holds some very specific challenges. Read our whitepaper to find out what your key considerations should be.

Three strategies to adopt now

Eagle eye

Eye-catching packaging on‑shelf helps shoppers find what they are looking for 10% faster, lifts brand awareness and increases purchase intent.

Healthy checks

31% of UK pet owners say they would try a different brand of pet food to their usual purchase if the product’s packaging emphasised the health benefits.

Sustainable Standards

27% of UK pet owners say it is most important to them that the packaging of the product can be recycled.