At DS Smith, we have implemented policies across our entire business to support our Now and Next Sustainability Strategy, as well as core policies to comply with the principles of good corporate governance.

Group Sustainability Policies 

Since our first Group Environmental Policy was approved in 1993, we have continued to develop our approach to meet the needs of the changing world in which we operate. 

A complete set of policies can be found below:

Group Policies 

As sustainability has expanded beyond the environment to include social and governance issues, we have made a range of policies publicly available across the breadth of ESG topics. 

These can be found in the Corporate Governance section of our Investors webpages and include our: Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Code of Conduct, Compliance Framework Policy, Gifts and Hospitality Policy, Group Tax Policy, Legal Policy, Modern Slavery Policy and Speak Up! Policy. 

Implementation of our policies 

All of our policies are made available to employees and other stakeholders of DS Smith and are regularly communicated, with mandatory training requirements in many cases. Our policies are regularly reviewed and we remain committed to regular and open dialogue and awareness raising with all of our stakeholders on the contents of our policies.