Abbey DFC

Materials for direct food contact packaging.

AbbeyDFC is a range of fluted materials that have been developed specifically for the Direct Food Contact for use in the food packaging market.

AbbeyDFC is available as:

  • Outer liners: Clay coated, White kraft, Fully bleached kraft or Brown kraft
  • Inside liners: Grease resistant (GR), Moisture (Acrylic) and High release (Silicon)

Key benefits

  •  Release and extreme heat performance (Silicon)
  •  Grease resistant (GR)
  •  Multi-purpose barrier (Acrylic)
  •  Strong, protective yet light in weight
  •  Papers certified for Direct Food Contact
  •  Ideal replacement to foil, metal and plastic trays, saving costs
  •  Suitable for bread or cake based products

It is the customers responsibility to check the ink and adhesive properties to maintain food approval.



Flute Profile

Minimum Quantity From

  • UK - 1000m2
  • Export - 1000m2


  • 100% recyclable
  • FSC® mix credit available by special request

Size limitations

Please contact us for information regarding the available sizes on this product.


DS Smith Sheetfeeding manufactures products under the “AbbeyDFC” and “AbbeyBarriers” branded (“Products”) which are used by its customers in a variety of products and applications (and resulting conditions), including use in ovens. Such conditions may include use in an extensive range and type of ovens and microwaves; use with heated or cooked food stuffs; use involving extensive dwell times in such conditions.

Due to the huge variety of possible applications and conditions, DS Smith Sheetfeeding cannot and does not warrant that its Products are fit or suitable for these specific applications or conditions, nor for any other purposes for which its customers may intend to use the Products.

It is each customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the Products meet the customer’s own specifications and requirements for its intended use(s) of Products by conducting its own tests and approval processes prior to use of the Products in each customer’s own products or applications.

For the avoidance of doubt, DS Smith Sheetfeeding accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, injury or death caused as a result of any failure to observe any of the aforementioned precautions.

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