Abbey Tex

Create premium packaging with supply chain benefits.

A corrugated material with a fully dyed high strength embossed outer liner which is ideal for decorative gift packaging applications. A material that has a variety of textured surfaces has always been associated with luxury and quality but until the launch of AbbeyTex, such material in small quantities has been beyond the scope of many marketing budgets.

Key Benefits

  • Gives packaging a premium look and feel
  • Wide range of colours from stock
  • Choice of embossed finishes
  • Non embossed finish available for flute and liners (see AbbeyShades)
  • Colours can be mixed to create different effects
  • Fluting can compliment or contrast with liners
  • Create premium packaging, an ideal alternative to rigid cartons
  • Material can be foil blocked and embossed (flute specific)



Flute profile

Minimum quantity from

  • UK - 1000m²
  • Export - 1000m²


  • 100% recyclable
  • FSC® mix credit available by special request 

Size limitations

Please contact us for information regarding the available sizes on this product.

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