Abbey Barriers

When an enhanced or functional barrier product is required.

AbbeyBarriers combined with the advantages of corrugated packaging provide the opportunity through constructional design and product flexibility to create cost saving solutions without affecting performance. Ideally used within Industrial packaging, consumer packaging and promotional packaging markets.

Key benefits

  • Prevents moisture ingress (ideal for damp and wet conditions)
  • Humidity barriers
  • Can be used as a release liner
  • Stops oil and grease ingress
  • Approved for direct food contact (see AbbeyDFC)
  • Special acrylic barriers available by special request
  • Pin hole free will not fracture when creased ( full Barriers only)

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that inks and adhesives used will perform with these materials.



Flute profile

Minimum quantity from

  • UK - 1000m²
  • Export - 1000m²


  • 100% recyclable

Size limitations

Please contact us for information regarding the available sizes on this product.

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