In current practise Single wall corrugated for outer containers will typically incorporate either R, B or C flute with E flute being mainly used for inner containers, fitments or display work.

Double wall corrugated is used where greater stacking strength and resistance to side wall bulge is required on conventional case work. Double wall RB, EB, EE and NE flutes are of particular use in the display market sector where the top liner, on the smaller flute profile, provides an excellent printing surface due to the increased number of flutes. The reduced caliper of EB, EE and NE flute not only provides significant benefit in printability, but also reduces the cost of storage and transportation.

Microflutes, F and N flutes, are ideal for counter top displays and replacement for direct litho solid board packaging. They offer the advantage of light-weighted materials combined with superior strength properties for maximum product protection.

Flutes available

BC, RB, EB, EE, NE, C, B, R, E, F, N

Flutes and their benefits


A larger flute than ‘B’, offering greater compression strength, but it may be crushed more easily. It also takes up more storage space than ‘B’ flute.


R-Flute® is a radical breakthrough in progressing towards more sustainable packaging. R-Flute® is a type of corrugated fluting that will help reduce costs throughout your supply chain. Compared to the widely used B Flute, R-Flute® delivers an improved printing substrate, machine line efficiencies and dramatic savings in logistics, whilst continuing to offer comparable performance characteristics


By far the most widely specified flute profile thanks to its superb robustness (difficult to crush), good compression strength and compactness which minimises storage space.


A fine flute used for corrugated ‘cartons’. It gives excellent crush resistance and a compression strength better than solid fibreboard. Excellent printability.


This material offers an exceptional surface for printing and is impressively strong thus creating a versatile decorative packaging material. It is suitable for printing by screen, flexo and can be processed by new generation litho machines.


The finest flute that Ds Smith sheetfeeding manufacture and has been specifically engineered to allow for direct litho printing. It is light in weight, offers exceptional protection and has a superior surface for printing thus making it ideal for decorative packaging applications.


A combination of ‘B’ and ‘C’ flute is normally specified when compression and stacking strength is important.


Combination of `R` and `B` flute which has an excellent printable surface to reduce flute show combined with the performance of B flute


If strength and good printability are required then EB Double wall should be considered. Other benefits are that the performance of EB to BC is not that different but EB uses much less storage space. Conversion speeds are similar to C flutes. This grade is also available as an (exposed flute) material.


Ideal performance grade providing the benefits of strength, performance and printability on both inner and outer liners due to its balanced flute profile. This profile is easly to convert and offers additional burst performance together with storage and transport savings. This grade is also available as an (exposed flute) material.


Abbeysheetfeeding have created a superior double wall combination that maximises the graphical benefits that can be obtained from claycoat liners. NE flute provides the optimum print surface for both screen printing and post print flexo applications, by having the outer liner fully supported by the N flute profile - this results in the complete elimination of flute shadow. It prevents unwanted density and tone changes during printing. This not only speeds up the printing process, through more control and less waste, but also produces a superb reproduction of your graphics. NE flute is an outstanding versatile design product. It is thin in caliper, light in weight, yet exceptionally strong. It is easily formed and enables tighter constructional tolerances thus permitting the creation of more elegant display packaging. This grade is also available as an exposed flute material.

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