Glossary of terms

Term Definition 
Chop edge The length of the sheet
Cobb Test Test to determine the weight increase of a material exposed to water for a given time
Deckle The width of the paper or board being run on a corrugator
Double wall board A combination of two layers of board. The board therefore comprises of: liner/fluting/liner/fluting/liner
Edge crush test A corrugated board strength test of vertical crush resistance
Enhanced Fluting A substitute to standard fluting that adds strength and performance to the material
Exposed Flute A double wall material with the outside liner removed
Flute A single ridge in the fluting medium or on a corrugator roll
Fluting profile The shape of the corrugations
Grammage Weight of paper specified as g/m2 (grams per square metre)
Liner Outer Paper used for the outside of the corrugated board
Liner Inner Paper used for the inside of the corrugated board
Mottled A paper liner with an off white appearance
Microflute F, N fluting medium (see AbbeyLite)
Single face One piece of fluting glued to one liner only
Single wall A board combination comprising of: liner/flute/liner
Slit edge The edge of the sheet that has the flute running parallel with it.
It is also known as the width of the material

Common flute profiles

Flute formNominal heigh excluding liners (mm) 
N 0.50mm
F 0.75mm
E 1.2mm
R 1.7mm
B 2.9mm
NE 1.8mm
EB 4.2mm
EE 2.5mm

Paper grades for the outer and inner liners

Abbey refLiners
Y Clay coated liner
W White Top Kraft liner (WTK)
D White Top recycled liner (WTT)
FBK Fully Bleached Kraft liner
M Mottled Kraft liner
K Brown Kraft liner
L Higher performance recycled liner (TL2)
T Fully recycled liner (TL3)
C Waste based liner
DL Colour dyed natural liner
EL Virgin fibre colour, embossed liner
AF Foiled liner
BB Brown barrier liner
PT 100% pre-print liner
PW Pre-printed wallpaper liner
PR Cut to register Pre-print
CL Acrylic liner
AW Printed AbbeyWrap rolls
BW White barrier liner
DP Digital printed liner
CS Premium Coated AbbeyLite liner
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