Customer benefits

DS Smith Sheetfeeding offer a complete solution to your packaging material needs. Our materials are not just a product. They provide functionality and performance, protection and a graphics platform for delivering more sales.
So how do we achieve this?

Every material made by DS Smith Sheetfeeding is required to perform within tight constraints from the corrugating process through box conversion and on to the final product. Our emphasis is on producing materials that run easily and reliably on our customer`s machines and perform consistently from order to order. That’s why DS Smith Sheetfeeding invests so heavily in the latest technologies, producing high-quality performance materials and flute profiles delivering more from less.

In addition to our material performance, the materials we manufacture are both from sustainable and recycled sources therefore offering you the opportunity to reduce costs and improve the environmental impact throughout the whole supply chain. We are devoted to closing the loop on recycling, this means that recycled cardboard supplied at one end of the Supply Cycle is collected and recycled at the other - achieving true closed loop recycling, all possible within 14 days.

DS Smith Sheetfeeding offer less complexity by manufacturing one of the most diverse range of materials in today`s market, allowing us to satisfy not only your material requirements, but also those of your customer.

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