Abbey Single Face

Flexible and strong without the weight.

This material is predominantly used in litho laminating applications. When combined with a printed top sheet, it provides additional strength and protection to a product. The material can be supplied in roll or sheet to suit converting equipment being used.Single face materials can be enhanced through the use of performance, fluting, dyed and pre-print liners. Single face materials can also be utilised as packaging products or trays where the fluted profile adds a decorative finish. In addition, it is an ideal base material for litho mounting or laminating used within Consumer Packaging where a more robust product is required.

Key Benefits

  • Available in roll or sheet formats
  • Available in a variety of grades from lightweight recycled liners to heavyweight virgin kraft liners
  • Fluting can be enhanced to improve strength, protection or decoration
  • Combine with our other ranges to create unique packaging opportunities (see AbbeyShades)
  • Virgin and recycled coloured liners and fluting available


Flute Profile

Minimum Quantity from

  • UK - 500m2
  • Export - 1000m2


  • 100% recyclable
  • FSC® mix credit available by special request

Size limitations

Please contact us for information regarding the available sizes on this product

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