Digital Printing

Digital printing is a relatively new process that continues to develop at a very fast rate. In digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files. The data is sent to the digital press which mainly comprises of a print head that has multiple tiny nozzles, also called jets. As the substrate moves past the print head, the nozzles spray the ink forming the characters and images as dictated by the digital image file. This eliminates the need for a printing plate, which saves both time and money.

Without the need to create a plate, digital printing has allowed for fast turnaround on orders and print on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made for as little as one print.


  • Excellent print reproduction
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Reduced production costs
  • Production of smaller quantities
  • Personalisation for customers
  • Variable data

Digital printing is used in a wide variety of market applications such as; Corrugated displays, Point of Sale (POS), Point of Purchase (POP), Retail Ready packaging (RRP), Shelf Ready packaging (SRP), Cartons, Gift Packaging, E-commerce packaging, Promotional and Counter top displays.

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